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Why a Lifestyle Newborn Session?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

This is the story of your life.

This perfect, new little baby has just joined your family and you are in love. Your home feels full and cozy and you want to remember every moment of this child's first days of life. Not just what she looks like, how small her little feet are, or how she wraps her tiny hand around your finger and holds on with more strength than she thought possible, but how she fits in to your life.

Your toddler is at times in love with "his baby", and at times wants nothing to do with him, because he's two, and two-year-olds are complicated and wonderful, and maybe maybe more comfortable in his home with his toys and books.

These days with a new baby go by in a blur of sleepless nights, and tracking feeds and diapers, and doing laundry, and how many days has it been since you ate a meal at the table? It's easy to forget the cuddles, when time stands still and you breathe in that soft, sweet newborn scent. This baby's head fits in your hand. You can hold him with one arm, or watch him sleep on your lap.

This is your home.

You've decorated the nursery with artwork, books, and blankets and it's just right. Your family room is where you spend your days, cuddled up on your comfortable sofa watching the world outside your front window. You're comfortable here. Your older kids are comfortable here. Your dog is here! You may move to a bigger house someday, or redecorate, but THIS is where you brought this baby home from the hospital. This is what it looked like when you became a family of three, or four, or six.

These are your pets!

Your dog, your cat, your goldfish... they're family! They're part of the story. They... were here first. Include them in your baby's newborn photos!

This is your family, just as it is, right in this moment. Embrace it. And let me capture this for you!

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