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My Daughter in My Dress

I've wanted to take photos of my daughter in my wedding dress for years, and I finally made it happen! I only wish I had done this when she was a toddler so I could have kept taking these photos year after year. 🥰 Better late than never - starting now!

My wedding dress has just been sitting in my parents' attic for the last 12 years, sealed in its box. I wish I'd taken a better photo of it before I opened it.

I think part of the reason I waited so long was that the dress was sealed in a pretty little preservation box. But... what am I keeping it that way for? I'm not going to wear it again. Pretty sure Hazel will want to get her own dress if she decides to get married someday. So it could sit in a box inside a box inside a bag in my parents' attic, or I could make these precious memories with my daughter, let her dress up and feel like a princess for a day.

In the end, I'm SO glad I did this! Hazel and I had such a fun afternoon. She wore the necklace I wore (which belonged to my grandma, and possibly another family member before her), she wore my veil, and she spent a few hours feeling very fancy. And now I have these photos to remember both my wedding dress and my beautiful daughter in this moment in time! I wish I had these photos of myself in my own mom's wedding dress.

If you'd like to schedule a Wedding Dress Session, please get in touch! I'd love to create these memories for you and your daughter, too!

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