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Spring, Summer, Fall... Winter?!

What season is best for outdoor family photos? Here in Illinois, we definitely have four distinct seasons... sometimes in the same week. We have a lot of great options around the Northwest Suburbs that look amazing in each of those seasons. There are a few things to take into consideration when scheduling your session! Fall is the "popular" time, but let's give a little love to the rest of the year!

When Spring has Sprung

Spring in the Chicagoland area is a great time for photos! There are a lot of advantages to a spring session. The weather is warming up, the flowers (and flowering trees!) are blooming, the trees are getting leaves. It's really pretty! There's a lot of optimism in the spring as we look forward to warmer weather and longer days. And speaking of longer days, it's staying light a little later, but not quite as late as in the summer, so that perfect golden-hour sunshine is a little bit more bedtime-friendly than in the middle of summer.


I mean, who doesn't love summer? We're feeling sun-kissed and fancy free! There's plenty of time in the day to fit a photo session in after your other plans, since it's light out so much later. This is great for families with slightly older kiddos who can do photos after dinner, and then maybe top it off with a sweet ice cream treat afterwards. The weather is generally a little more predictable and less rainy (I said generally...) so we don't have to worry as much about a weather reschedule. Late summer into early fall sees slightly earlier sunsets, warm weather, lush greens, and summer wildflowers.

When Leaves Are Falling

Fall is by far the most popular time for photos. Of course, the fall colors are beautiful! Peak foliage is only around for a short time and is difficult to predict, so it really is kind of a matter of luck whether you've got it for your session or not. Sunset gets earlier, which is more convenient for those early bedtimes. Weather is a little unpredictable, but generally still mostly pleasant with the right clothing choices into November. I love tall fall grasses and playing in fallen leaves. Once those leaves are gone, things look a little stark, so late-fall sessions might do better to rely on less-natural backdrops.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is not a horrible time for photos! If we're lucky enough to get a nice, warm-ish snowfall, it is absolutely magical. I wouldn't recommend outdoor photos below about 25 degrees, but bundling up and getting outside can be really fun! Cute winter hats, festive lights and decor, and if we're lucky, snowballs to throw!

Every season has its charm! Let me capture your family having fun all year long!

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