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How to elevate your photos of your kids!

I get asked every now and then for tips on photographing your own kiddos. There are a few simple things you can do to take your everyday photos to the next level.

Find the Best Light

If you're indoors and it's daytime, get next to a window or even an open door. Turn off the overhead lights and lamps - they'll be yellow and cast weird shadows! Or if you need artificial light, see if you can use it to cool effect.

If you're outdoors, find some open shade with the sun generally behind your kids. Try to stay away from dappled light coming through the trees. If there's no shade, have them face their shadow.

Clear the Clutter/Be Aware of the Background

Check out what's behind them! Is it a pile of laundry waiting to be folded? Scoop it up and put it to the side. A dumpster? Take a few steps over to your left.

Here, have my kitchen two ways! In one, you can see my mess, and in the other, you cannot. Whew!

Get on Their Level or Make It Unique!

If you have little ones, or bigger kids sitting on the floor, get down with them. Or shoot from an interesting angle!

Let Them Play!

Follow them around, catch them in action. They don't always need to stand and smile or even look at the camera - photograph them doing what they enjoy doing!

Most Importantly - Get In the Picture!

Speaking from experience, it's easy to take a million pictures of your kids and never be in them yourself. But hand the camera to someone else every once in a while. Or better yet, hire a professional photographer! (I'd be honored if it was ME!) But please, get in the photos. It doesn't matter if your hair isn't perfect, or you haven't lost all the baby weight (and your youngest is seven *cough*). Your kids deserve to have memories of YOU!!

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