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Preparing for your Studio Newborn Session

Congratulations! Thank you for allowing me to document your new baby in his or her first few days of life. I am truly honored to be able to capture this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby!

Please contact me as soon as possible after baby is born to finalize your session date. Sessions will take place at 10:00 am at my home studio in Palatine.

Prior to your session

        Clip baby’s fingernails, clean away flaky skin, eye boogers, etc. Please feed baby 2-3 hours prior to your session and do your best to keep baby awake. Give baby a bath, let him spend time in just a diaper, stimulate her by tickling toes, allow him to fuss a little bit. Dress baby in an easy-to-remove outfit that does not go over the head. Snaps or zippers are easiest!


     If you live close to Palatine, go ahead and feed baby again just prior to leaving. If you're traveling more of a distance, please plan to feed upon arrival at the studio.

Sleeping newborn boy in cream sleepy hat and romper
Newborn girl in lace
Sleeping baby girl in lace

At your session

  • When you arrive at the studio, if you haven't already, be prepared to feed your baby. We want baby to be full, content, and sleeping after the feeding to ensure those curly, sleepy newborn photos.

  • Be sure to burp baby well after the feeding. Be patient. If your baby is fussy or alert, do not stress - your baby can sense anxiety. Your session will last up to three hours, which allows for time to re-settle baby, make sure she is comfortable, and even take a break if necessary. (If it is necessary to reschedule, we may do that at the photographer’s discretion.)

  • Be prepared for messes. Pee, poop, and spit up happen. Please bring an extra set of clothes for yourself if you want to be in the photos.

  • Safety is my top priority. I have extensive experience posing baby, but I request that a parent stay close to act as a spotter or assistant.

  • I will provide beverages (water, tea, and coffee) and some light snacks for parents. If baby is bottle-fed, please be prepared with plenty of bottles, as baby may need to feed more often. If you are breastfeeding, be prepared to nurse baby as needed. A pacifier may be helpful.


   Please bring baby in an easy-to-remove outfit that does not go over the head. Zippers or snaps are easiest! I have a selection of wraps, headbands, and hats for baby. Outfits tend to not fit newborns well, so if you have an outfit you'd like to use, please make sure it fits well. If you have any special props or accessories you would like for me to incorporate into your portraits, let’s discuss in advance what you will be bringing so I can style your session accordingly.


Photographing the connection between you and your baby is one of my favorite things! For mom, a subtle application of makeup and solid or lightly patterned, neutral-colored clothing are flattering. For dad, facial hair shaved/trimmed and a complementary solid shirt and jeans or khakis. Please bring an extra set of clothes in case things get messy. (Please also be aware that the studio area will be kept warm with a space heater for baby’s comfort, so dress accordingly.) Your hands will be photographed, so please make sure nails are clean and free of polish.

Newborn with parents and big brother
Big sister kissing newborn baby


     Due to the duration of a newborn session (up to 3 hours), I recommend bringing young children into the studio either at the beginning or end of the session for approximately 30 minutes. I ask that they be kept out of the studio area for the majority of the newborn session as to not disrupt the environment necessary for newborn photography.

      There is a small park about two blocks away if an adult would like to take siblings to burn off some energy! Siblings are welcome to play or watch videos in the seating area, but please plan on children being supervised by an adult all times.


       Wardrobe for siblings should be simple patterns or solids in neutral colors. Please make sure faces, hands, and hair are clean. It is encouraged to bring bribes for young children: cereal, snacks, or candies that won’t stain their teeth. A favorite video on a cell phone can also be helpful.

Last notes

     I am so excited to work with you and capture all the tiny details that are sure to change so quickly as baby grows. These are your baby’s newborn portraits and I want to ensure your expectations are met. I will send a Session Questionnaire, and am happy to set up an email or phone consultation with you prior to your baby’s birth to discuss desired color schemes, any props or accessories that are important to you, and to cover any further questions you may have.


         Thank you again for allowing me to photograph your family in this

exciting time!

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