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Preparing for your
Lifestyle Newborn Session

     Congratulations! Thank you for allowing me to document your new baby in his or her first few days of life. I am truly honored to be able to capture this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby!

     Please contact me as soon as possible after baby is born to finalize your session date. Sessions will take place at 10:00 am at your home.

Prior to the session

     My usual areas to photograph within your house will be the nursery, master bedroom, and living room. If you prefer different spaces, that is fine! I'd love to capture the spaces most important to you. Please keep in mind that good window light is needed (overhead and artificial lights will be turned off), so I will prioritize rooms with good natural light. This may be a guest bedroom over the master, for example.


     Please clear the rooms of anything you don't want photographed. I may move things around (a diaper pail, for example), but in general will leave the environment as I find it. Lifestyle sessions are documentary storytelling sessions, and your home is part of your story, so I will capture it as it is!



     Baby can be dressed however you like. I suggest staying away from text, which can be hard to read. Something that fits well is ideal. We can do outfit changes if he or she will allow it, but keep in mind each undressing may cause fussiness. Start with your favorite outfit. I like to capture details like hands and feet, so an outfit without closed feet is preferable.

  Photographing the connection between you and your baby is one of my favorite things! For mom, a subtle application of makeup and solid or lightly patterned, neutral-colored clothing are flattering. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable, and the rest of the family's wardrobe can be built around mom! For dad, facial hair shaved/trimmed and a complementary solid shirt and jeans or khakis. Your hands will be photographed, so please make sure nails are clean and free of polish.

Preparing baby

     Please feed a full feeding as close to 10am as possible. If you are using a pacifier, having it handy will be helpful. Ideally, baby will fall asleep, because a sleeping baby is a calm baby. However, since a lifestyle session documents these days in baby's life just as they are, if she's awake for your photos, that's okay! I will capture you and your family cuddling with her and interacting. If he's asleep, great! I will capture him peacefully sleeping. These images are meant to tell the story of your baby's first days of life, however he or she is feeling!


    If you have anything special you would like to include in your session - a book, blanket, wrap, hat, etc - please feel free! These are your memories, and I would love for them to be as personal as you like.


  I will bring a basket or bucket and wrap for a few more "posed" images if I can get them. If you have a color preference, please indicate it on your questionnaire.

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